As a result of the interviews we have chosen 16 people to work on the project. We have kept you all in suspense and that's because we had a difficult choice since everyone had a lot to offer and eagerly wanted to contribute to the project implementation. Finally, we've chosen 8 students to manage and supervise the project:

Jakub Dulewicz
Natalia Kudela
Agata Mikoda
Weronika Zając
Julia Czernicka
Łukasz Kulesza
Dawid Kołodziejczyk
Anna Hermanowska

There are also 8 students to cooperate with us:
Łukasz Bacior
Przemysław Matera
Roksana Papaj
Arek Bożek
Zuzanna Pruchniak
Karolina Żmuda
Michał Kaptur
Julia Brzozowska

Congratulations to the lucky ones!